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Although mom Loretta Casey is hesitant to live by Ridgeport’s strict rules, all that changes when she meets her neighbor Sue Ellen Norris. Sue Ellen serves on the Neighborhood Watch Committee, overseeing the safety of America's sweetheart town, and Loretta becomes engrossed in Sue Ellen’s addictive personality. But as Loretta’s son Scott and Sue Ellen’s son Matt grow, they discover that Ridgeport is not as perfect as their moms make it out to be. As Scott and Matt form their band of friends, their journeys into the neighborhood woods prove to be much more than just a place of refuge.


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We’re all in a delicate balance between life and death. But what happens when that balance gets thrown off-kilter? Sarah and Jim King discover that they are not your normal married suburban couple, as they are destined to follow their powers as the Angel of Life and the Angel of Death. Not understanding how to fit into these roles can have major consequences on not only each other but on humanity as we know it. Jim’s growth into the Angel of Death threatens to end the world as Sarah’s delayed abilities for her role separates Jim’s love for all those around him.

The 20s is a strange age to be in the early 21st century. While it's very liberating to be young and have this feeling of independence, there is this conflict that we have to age fast and many of us are still fighting for that independence - many of us don't have enough money to stand on our own two feet like the generation before us. It's a transition age that's between the "best years of your life" (high school) and the entry into adulthood. So this addresses what it's like for me to grow up in this time period and go through these experiences. 

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“Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road - (Mark 10:52). The following are true stories that show the power of having faith in our world. They are inspirational, and each touches on lessons from the Bible. The beginning of the book includes faith journey messages from other believers as well and shows what they have gone through to grow in their faith. It is a read that hopefully will get you exploring your own faith journey. 


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