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I have been teaching at Crete-Monee High School since 2014. I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Eastern Illinois University, obtained my teacher’s certificate from Trinity Christian College, and am now pursuing a master's in English Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. I have worked as part of homework lab, ACT Excel Edge, and have been the literary magazine and e-journalism club sponsor since 2015. 

I became an English teacher because I love reading, writing, and learning. It is a joy to pass on that passion to my students and see the light bulb go on for them in the classroom, and share something with them that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. I strongly believe in building a culture of respect in the classroom because learning goes beyond the works of Shakespeare. Teaching a student respect for themselves and others and teaching students to build confidence is just as much the goal as building literacy and writing skills. Oftentimes, they go hand in hand. I am happy to be here and look forward to each day I get to step in my classroom. 



Using the best practices of peer instruction and mastery learning, I intend that students will achieve core standard WL11-12.2. Students will engage in peer review and collaborative learning methods. They will build through their writing processes, beginning with writing invention on toward a final draft to master their learning...

Click here to read the rest of my teaching philosophy.

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The syllabus here is an example of what I would give my AP Literature and Composition students over a ten-week period for their Genre Study Unit. 

Click here to view the entire syllabus.


The three lesson plans attached below follow the syllabus above for the ten-week AP Literature Genre study unit. 

Click here to view the three lesson plans.



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All Videos

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The video to the left shows why I have such a passion for teaching and I explain why I got into the field. 

This video will walk you through part of lesson one from my teaching portfolio. 

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