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Journalism websites you must search for today

If you are looking to enhance your journalism curriculum, or your journalism knowledge in general, I have found that the below websites are ones that will greatly grow your appreciation for the craft. Enjoy! - This site ranks every country according to free press, and gives reasons why. Did you realize that the U.S. ranks 45th in the world in the Freedom Press Index? Norway ranks first. - This is a great way to teach students or young journalists how to conduct human-interest interviews and come up with ideas for feature stories. The "No More Questions" YouTube vid is particularly moving. - Most journalists have heard about Poynter. It offers everything from news to jobs, but it also offers an entire resources section with a list of fake news games you can play. There is a list of seven games on this link that check your knowledge of real versus fake news, reporting skills, etc. Check it out! - In an era where young people are taking social media content as news, fact-checking sites like snopes are more important than ever. It's a fun activity to try with students to see if they know a story is true, false or somewhere in between.

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