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How I teach outlining to students

I'll keep today's post short and sweet. I had to create a five-minute lesson for my grad school Seminar in Writing Instruction course. Although I applied this video to AP Literature students, it can be used for any prewriting prompts. With school quickly approaching, I thought about posting something that had to do with instruction, so I hope educators and students alike find this helpful.

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Kevin Kenealy received his journalism degree from Eastern Illinois University and his English secondary education certificate from Trinity Christian College. He is also currently pursuing a master's in English Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. He worked as a reporter and designer for several local newspapers before he started teaching English, AP Lit, and journalism at the high school level. He wrote his first book, 20 Something at age 23, a book of poetry about growing up in your 20s and trying to figure yourself out. The book was featured in a local newspaper and can be found in local libraries. He completed his first novel Life and Death at age 31, a horror/thriller book that received local attention and is also featured in suburban Chicago libraries. In his latest book, Neighborhood Watch, Kirkus Reviews calls it, "Superb characters headline this chilling, slow-burn crime tale."

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