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The best movies that critics hated

This is strictly a matter of opinion, but the below are a list of my favorite (and I would argue fan favorite films) that critics just did not care for. Sometimes I think critics analyze a film too much instead of taking it at face value.

This often happens in the case for cheap comedies or romance flicks. They're not supposed to be on the same level as award-winning dramas and should be treated differently. That doesn't mean they don't warrant high ratings.

Without further ado, I believe the films below should have been scored higher. Due to a lack of time, I will merely be listing these movies instead of giving my reasoning for their placement.


1) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Critics Score: 48% Audience Score: 57%

2) Tommy Boy

Critics Score: 42% Audience Score: 90%

3) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Critics Score: 52% Audience Score: 71%

4) Big Daddy

Critics Score: 39% Audience Score: 71%

5) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Critics Score: 33% Audience Score: 61%


1) 50 First Dates

Critics Score: 45%

Audience Score: 65%

2) The Money Pit

Critics Score: 48% Audience Score: 58%

3) City of Angels

Critics Score: 58% Audience Score: 82%


1) God's Not Dead Critics Score: 13% Audience Score: 75%

2) Fireproof Critics Score: 40% Audience Score: 82%

3) Boondock Saints Critics Score: 25% Audience Score: 91%

4) Heart and Souls Critics Score: 55% Audience Score: 76%

5) Man on Fire

Critics Score: 39%

Audience Score: 89%

As you can see, critics may not always be right. As in the case of Best Picture Shakespeare in Love, it garnered a 92% score, but only an 80% audience score. While not a bad movie, it definitely didn't deserve the best picture that year. This was also the case with Best Picture Shape of Water in which the critics score is a 92%, but the audience score is only a 72%. That movie was just weird.

So, make up your own mind. Do you think the above movies are judged too harshly? Do you know of any others that critics shunned? Be your own critic, and like what you like. I won't judge you.

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