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Hearst Multimedia Awards Named



San Francisco – The top 20 winners in college multimedia were announced today in the 48th annual William Randolph Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Program. This was the first annual Multimedia Competition in which 68 entrants from 39 undergraduate journalism programs at colleges and universities across the nation participated.

First Place has been awarded to TIM HUSSIN, of the University of Florida. He will receive a $2,000 scholarship. The University of Florida will receive a matching grant, as do the journalism departments of all scholarship winners.

Other scholarship winners are: WILSON ANDREWS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, second place, $1,500 scholarship WAI KI “RICKY” LEUNG, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, third place, $1,000 scholarship HAROLD ANDREW BURTON, Syracuse University, fourth place, $750 scholarship TAYLOR HAYDEN, Western Kentucky University, fifth place, $600 scholarship KRISTA SCHINAGL, Western Kentucky University, sixth place, $500 scholarship ANNALYN CENSKY, Arizona State University, seventh place, $500 scholarship LINDSAY ADLER, Syracuse University, eighth place, $500 scholarship McKENNA EWEN, University of Minnesota, ninth place, $500 scholarship NICK DENTAMARO, Michigan State University, tenth place, $500 scholarship

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill was first place in the Multimedia Competition with the highest accumulated student points in this competition. They are followed by: Western Kentucky University; University of Florida; Syracuse University; University of Minnesota; Arizona State University; University of Kansas; San Francisco State University; Michigan State University: Central Michigan University.

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program is conducted under the auspices of accredited schools of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication, and fully funded and administered by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. It consists of six monthly writing, three photojournalism and four broadcast news competitions and one multimedia competition, with championship finals in all divisions except multimedia. The program awards more than $500,000 in scholarships and grants annually.

Judging the Multimedia competition this year were: Stephen Buckley, Managing Editor, The St. Petersburg Times, FL; Christopher Lavin, General Manager/Arts & Lifestyles, The San Diego Union Tribune; Pim Van Hemmen, Assistant Managing Editor/Photography, The Star Ledger.

Students who placed among the top 20 and will receive certificates of merit are:

JESSICA KNOWLES, Northwestern University, eleventh place GABY BRUNA, University of Miami, twelfth place-tie JEREMIAH STANLEY, University of Florida, twelfth place-tie TERESA PRINCE, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, twelfth place-tie YEVGENIY SVERDLIK, San Francisco State University, fifteenth place HAILEY R. BRANSON, University of Oklahoma, sixteenth place JACQUELINE CIESLAK, University of Iowa, seventeenth place-tie KEVIN KENEALY, Eastern Illinois University, seventeenth place-tie JOSEPH HALVORSON, University of Minnesota, seventeenth place-tie STEPHEN PETERITAS, University of Kansas, twentieth place-tie NICOLE HUSKEY, Louisiana State University, twentieth place-tie

For samples of winning work, please check the monthly winners section of the Journalism Awards’ website,, which is updated shortly after each competition.

Contact: Jan C. Watten, Program Director 415-908-4565

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