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That time I interviewed Grand Funk's drummer

Way back in college, I interviewed Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer, the singer of "We're an American Band." I reached out to his agent, who set me up with interviews with him and a member of the 1970s rock-fusion group, Tower of Power. We must have talked for at least twenty minutes, but this interview was condensed to about five for the web.

It's not the best interview ever, as I was incredibly nervous. You can probably play a drinking game for the amount of times I say, "Um" and how I seemed to forget the members of his current band were especially embarrassing. But his responses shed insight into a group that once was, and a group that is still going. After the interview, he thanked me and said he thought it went well, so I must not have done that bad.

I saw them years later at Naperville's RibFest. Being able to see Brewer and Grand Funk live made that experience complete. Even though the crowd was not nearly as large as when they sold out Shea Stadium in 1971, I thought they sounded just as good.

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