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How The Simpsons predicted 2020

WIth talks of the possible loss of the 2020 MLB season just a few games in as the Miami Marlins grapple with several players lost to the Coronavirus, things just keep getting more bleak than they already have been. If baseball goes this year, it will just be the cherry on the proverbial devil's food cake.

The Simpsons have predicted a lot of weird stuff over the years from Donald Trump becoming president to FaceTime, but I've compiled a list of videos below of times when The Simpsons predicted things that have happened this year. These clips are all from well before 2020, mind you.

1) Killer Bees - Murder Hornets anyone?

2) Or...Dogs with Bees in their Mouth? - This is just for laughs, but I wouldn't put it past this happening...

3) Hurricane Hannah and Hurricane Douglas

4) Invasive Species

6) Breaking Statues/Rioting

7) The closure of Toys "R" Us

8) COVID-19 Episode - Aired

9) Remote Work

10) Homeschool/Remote Learning

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