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How to beat phone addiction

A lot of people are addicted to their phone, and I've realized that I have become more glued to it recently. As a result, I found one particular app helpful in beating my phone addiction thus far.

If you have an iPhone, there are two apps that I have found that help you track the amount of time spent on your phone. One app is the Moment app, which tells you how much time you spend on your screen each day, how many pickups you have, allows you to establish goals for yourself, and establish screen-free time. There is also an upgraded version for $7.99 that serves as a sort of Moment Coach.

The Screen Time app is the one that I am currently using though, and is one that came with my iPhone 7 Plus. I like this app more in that it allows you to schedule downtime from your phone, sets limits on the amount of apps you use, can limit on who you communicate with, and establish content and privacy restrictions. It shows you your daily average for screen time and if it's up or down from last week.

I just got an alert that I have five minutes remaining until I have downtime on my phone. I will still be able to receive and make calls, send texts, and use only the apps that I set aside to allow in that time frame. So right now, I have only allowed my Scribd reading app and my StepsApp to continuously run. That means all of my social media and gaming apps are blocked during downtime.

I set my downtime setting in effect from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., so between those hours I cannot access any apps that I have not allowed. So if I want to access Facebook, I have to do so on my computer. I'm hopeful this will break my growing phone addiction, as I've read that it has helped others.

John Lennon has a quote, "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans." While we're busy checking our social media or playing a game on our phones, life is passing by right in front of us. I'm looking forward to the world that's in front of me that I was missing when I was looking down at my screen.

I hope that these apps will help you. If you have an Android, I'm sure they have similar apps in your app store. Try them out. Don't get rid of your Words with Friends or Social Media altogether if you don't want to. But it never hurts to cut down on the hours spent on them each day. Think of all the other things you could be doing with your time.

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