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How to buy Lego on the cheap

You no longer have to break the bank to buy Lego. With so many websites and users selling Lego, it has finally made it possible to buy the bricks at a more reasonable price.

There is nothing wrong with buying Lego as an adult, and in fact there is an acronym for it: AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego). Buying a set might take you back to your childhood, help you establish a new hobby, bring you closer to your children, or start you on the road to a new collection. For those unaware, retired Lego sets can fetch up to thousands of dollars.

When my wife blessed me with a Millenium Falcon set a few Christmases ago, it started me wanting to buy Lego once again. But as I started out looking for sets, I remembered just how expensive they were. I knew that I needed to find a way to cut my costs, or I wouldn't have a hobby that I could pursue. So, I researched Google and YouTube, and came across two websites that I am sharing with you in the above video: Bricklink and AliExpress. Both sites have allowed me to continue to grow my Lego hobby year after year.

I look forward to the day when my son and I can build things together. Hopefully I can see the same excitement in his eyes that I had as a kid. I remember getting a new set, building it and tearing it down a day later to turn it into a castle or a baseball field. It allowed my imagination to go places everytime I picked up a brick.

As an adult, I had the same joy from building Lego, but got it more from following the instructions and finishing a set. It was only until recently that I started making my own creations, or MOCs. Building your own stuff brings back feelings of when you were a kid, throwing the instructions aside and letting your creativity take the wheel.

I hope that through watching this video and finding new, inexpensive ways to buy Lego will give you as much joy with it as it has given me all these years. Happy building!

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