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If Covid-19 were a...

This is a silly post meant to give you a chuckle. I was thinking if you could relate the pandemic to different works of art, how Covid would be portrayed. I think the below examples are pretty accurate.

1) A song

My Corona!

This is a spoof on The Knack's song "My Sharona"

Ooh, my little pretty mask, my pretty mask

How you cover me some time, Corona

Ooh, you make my glasses steam, my glasses steam

Got em' foggin all the time, Corona

Never gonna stop, let's get out, gotta unwind

I always wanna get out, or I'm gonna lose my mind

My, my, my aye-aye, whoa!

M-m-m-my Corona!

2) A Movie

The Social Distancing Network

There are a few movies out there that are eerily similar to what has happened with the virus, such as Contagion, Outbreak, Cabin Fever, The Andromeda Strain, and Blindness. But if we are going for silly, there should be a satire on The Social Network called The Social Distancing Network, where we watch two hours of awkward social distancing parties.

3) A TV Show

I previously did a blog on how The Simpsons predicted the virus. In the 1993 "Marge in Chains" episode, it showcases the Osaka Flu outbreak. That episode talks about killer bees as well, similar to the murder hornets we saw this year. Also, in an episode from 2012, Bart stages a fake epidemic while on a cruise ship, thereby having to quarantine everyone on the ship for days.

If this were a reality show though, how about Bachelor in Quarantine?

The bachelor has to choose one person to live with throughout his three months in quarantine without leaving the house except for grocery runs. Supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and bleach wipes will need to be rationed. It will be interesting to see if the magic is still there at the end of the three months.

4) A Book

Tuesdays in Quarantine

Much like Tuesdays with Morrie without the grim tale of ALS attached to it, this tale will talk about a man who spends his time in quarantine watching guilty pleasure TV, playing XBox, and growing more hysterical by the day. It would also be the perfect movie role for someone like Zach Galifianakis or Jim Carrey.

5) A Play

Dr. Fauci and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Teams

This musical story will follow Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and politicians advice on what to do to contain the virus. Uplifting music such as "New Normal" and "School Shutdown" will be showcased.

I hope this has given you a laugh during these tough times. Laughter, after all, is our best medicine sometimes.

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