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My favorite songs about school

As we get set to go back to school all around the country, sometimes the best thing to do is to get hyped by playing some tunes. I started thinking about music that revolved around all things education, and there are quite a few out there actually. I compiled a list of some of my favorites. Enjoy.

1) "Another Brick in the Wall" - Pink Floyd

Okay, so this one may not shine a positive light on the educational world as kids shout that they don't need an education, but it doesn't mean it's not a great song. It's quite memorable actually. As an educator, you could look at it like the kids are just anarchists against school or looking to change the system entirely. The teachers in this video are shown as old-school disciplinarians who seem less concerned about the boys' education and more concerned about punishment. Perhaps the boys have something there.

Favorite line: "We don't need no thought control"

2) "We're Going to be Friends" - The White Stripes

This is the perfect back-to-school song. It's light and feel-good for a time that is so stressful for many teachers in this day and age. It reminds you of all of the days growing up when you were a student heading back to school to see your friends and to meet your teachers.

Favorite Line: "I can tell that we are going to be friends."

3) "Getting Better"- The Beatles

Like "Another Brick in the Wall," this song paints their education experience in a negative light. However, unlike that song, it also shows the importance of a real world education as they sing, "I got to admit, it's getting better." They tell of teachers who weren't cool and were holding them down. It's so important to be positive influences in students' lives because we remember the bad teachers just as much as the good ones.

Favorite Line: "I've got to admit it's getting better."

4) "Teach Your Children" - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

I listened to this song before heading out to my first day in the world of education as a paraprofessional at Elim Christian Services and it both calmed me and inspired me simultaneously. It should inspire you if you are either a teacher or a parent from the chorus line of "Teach Your Children Well." It really hits the nail on the head of what it means to be a good teacher.

Favorite Line: "And so please help them with your youth,"

5) "School's Out" - Alice Cooper

No, I don't think it's terrible that a teacher likes this song. It's a classic. I usually play it on the last day of school. We all need a break at that point, educators and students alike. It frees you, and we of course want to go back, eventually. However, it is a nice way to cap off the summer.

Favorite Line: School's out for the summer.

There are plenty other songs about teachers and education. Ranker has a list of about forty of them, but the above just happen to be my favorites. In fact, I'm sure I'll be listening to some of these today as we get set to go back.

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