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My visits to filming locations

It's cool seeing places that have appeared in movies or TV shows. If you're the kind of person that gets a kick out of seeing such things, the places below can be found in the certain locations. A few of them I stumbled upon randomly and some I sought out. But all in all, it was cool to be part of a moment in that time.

Cleveland, OH

You may recognize this place from the lamp that sits in the front window. That's right, it's the house from A Christmas Story. You can find it at 3159 W 11th St. in Cleveland.

Dublin, Ireland - Trinity Christian College

Although the long room library was not used in the Harry Potter movies, it very closely resembles the library from the films and if you ever visit Dublin, the university is worth the stop.

Herriman, UT

At 13218 S Herriman Rose Blvd in Herriman, UT there sits this exact replica of the house from the movie Up. When we visited in 2016, however, you could not tour it. It may be different today.

New York, NY

There is a bar called McGees in New York where they shot How I Met Your Mother. They offer such drinks as the Robin Sparkles. It's in Manhattan on 240 W. 55th St. and is in the style of an Irish pub.

Oahu, Hawaii

While I was in Oahu, I realized that a number of the scenes from the TV show Lost were filmed there. So, I sought out a lot of the places that they were filmed and made it my business to go there. The below is that list.

There is a bamboo forest on the island where Jack woke up at the very start of the show.

The Byodo-In Temple at the Valley of The Temples Memorial Park is from the Lost episode "House of the Rising Sun" and also from the series Hawaii Five-O and Magnum P.I.

The place where they played golf took place at the Ka'a'awa Valley.

The Dharma Camp is now an active YMCA camp.

Here is another shot of the camp welcoming Lost fans. However, it appeared closed to visitors at this time.

Murphy's Bar and Grill in downtown Honolulu was used in the episode "Lockdown" where John Locke and Anthony Cooper talk about the safety deposit box.

You see this pond early in the show and also later on. It can be found in Waimea Valley in a beautiful 1,875 acres of land. It contains beautiful hibiscus flowers, walking trails, and over 700 years of Native Hawaiian history.

The beautiful banyan trees are used many times in Lost, most notably when Kate is trapped inside one when a giant polar bear attacks. If you stay at the Turtle Bay resort, it is just a short hike away from the hotel.

Not only do you get to see the lighthouse used in Lost, but on the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, you get to see stunning views of the Pacific.

King Kong: Skull Island

Along with seeing scenes from Lost, this helicopter from the movie King Kong: Skull Island can be found in Ka'a'awa Valley. There are tour groups that take you there.

Jurassic World

Along with Lost and King Kong, the tour group also shows you where Jurassic World was filmed in the same location.

Philadelphia, PA

This was perhaps the most famous movie filmed in the city of Brotherly Love. So, my friend and I had to climb the Rocky stairs at the Museum of Art. There is a line at the roundabout leading up there, so you pretty much have to run up and run down just like Rocky. There is a statue of Rocky next to the stairs and you get a pretty cool view of the city at the top.

San Francisco

The Full House home can be found at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco in Alamo Square Park in the row of the Painted Ladies houses. It's the house with the red door.

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