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This or that?

I've asked a lot of this or that questions on Facebook over the last couple of years. They sparked a good amount of dialogue and, occasionally, some surprising heated debate.

I clearly remember some of the heated debate topics were Parks and Rec or The Office? And Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Below I have compiled several more that I haven't posted on social media. Most recently, I cast a poll on social media users' favorite sports car, in which the Lamborghini Diablo came out on top. Feel free to take your survey and cast your votes!

  1. Book or Movie?

  2. Apple or Samsung?

  3. Bathroom or Restroom?

  4. Eighties or Nineties? (What's the better decade)?

  5. Sixties or Seventies?

  6. Playstation or Xbox?

  7. Retail or Online?

  8. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

  9. Rap or Rock?

  10. Country or City?

  11. Hot Weather or Cold Weather?

  12. Staying In or Going Out?

  13. Beach or Mountains?

  14. Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?

  15. Pop or Soda?

  16. Movie or TV Show?

  17. Read Offline or Read Online?

  18. Baseball or Football?

  19. Michael or Lebron?

  20. Sweet or Salty?

*More will come! See if you can answer these to the best of your ability. The first answer that comes out is usually the right one.

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