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What are your favorite smells?

Your sense of smell is your most powerful scent and thus, it is the scent that is most closely related to our memories. As a writer, I need to be in tune with all of the senses, so this leads me to ask the questions, "What are some of my favorite smells, and what memories are attached to them?"

1) The smell of bacon frying

Not only is this one of my favorite smells, but it is also one of my favorite sounds. The first time I recall smelling this sweet greasy aroma was when my brother Danny was born on Sept. 26, 1992. I was at my aunt Cathy's house and she made bacon and eggs. The kitchen was filled with that intoxicating breakfast smell and anytime I smell bacon, it makes me think of family and warmth.

2) The smell of baby detergent

This one is easy. It reminds me of my son and the innocence of that age. I hope that it's a smell that I can hold onto for the rest of my life.

3) The smell of campfires

I've always had a good time around a campfire, whether it be playing guitar, roasting S'mores, or just taking in a good conversation. But the campfire smell also has a putrid aftertaste to it later when the fire burns out and you return indoors.

4) The smell of chlorine

When I smelled this, I always thought of vacation and relaxation. We did have swim class in high school, but I don't remember this soothing smell there, and that's probably a good thing since swim class was not all that much fun anyway.

5) The smell of ocean breezes

I can always close my eyes and think about lying on a beach in Oahu or on the white sands of Destin, Fla or driving down Highway 101 in California. I can also think about the hard hitting winds that crashed the waves in Seattle, New York, or Ireland.

6) The smell of new cars

My dad would always say, "I love that new car smell." I couldn't agree more. That smell feels so refreshing that I actually bought a air freshener called "New Car Smell." It reminds me of when I bought my first car and my dad talking about that new car smell.

7) The smell of something grilling

This makes me think of summer and it doesn't matter what's grilling, it most always smells terrific. I just smelled someone grilling something as I walked down the block the other day, and even though I was full, I immediately felt hungry once again.

8) The smell of coffee houses

I used to frequent coffee houses quite a bit back in college and if you combine the sound of the coffee grinders with that lovely cloud of beans and cream, you have one sweet smell. It reminds me of waking up and relaxing all at once.

9) The smell of baseball fields

Ball fields have that mix of dirt and grass smell to them that brings me back to playing baseball growing up, sliding in the dirt and running through the grass. I think it means something different to ball players than to those who never played.

10) The smell of gardenias

Sadly, since I worked at a garden center for so many years, many flowers have lost their strong smell to me. But I still recall the strong fragrance of gardenias. We sold them in one of our greenhouses and from time to time, and I would smell the flowers on it. Their smell is so pleasant, that they are actually used for perfumes and weddings.

I have other favorite smells, but these are the ones I thought of first. What are some of yours?

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